Three Should Try Face Yoga Exercises For Glowing Face

Yes, step aside Botox, chemical peels and several unspeakable cosmetic procedures concerning blades and needles. Yoga is here to save the day. No, we kid you not. There is such a thing as facial yoga concerning yah, facial exercises, that promises such things as facial radiance, visible wane in fine lines and wrinkles and eventually, makes you look much, much ... Read More »

Ten Tips To Know For Perfect Hair Care After Workout

While workouts are great for your body, they may not be the good for your hair. 10 Necessary Post Workout Hair Care Tips Workouts cause perspiration and sweat left in your hair can do quite a bit of loss. Which is why, you will need to know these 10 hair care after workout tips to keep your hair fighting fit ... Read More »

Five essential reasons to move your body every day

From improving bonding time with the family to reducing anxiety, there are some pretty impressive benefits of getting active on a regular basis… We all know we should be active (for around 30 mins a day, FYI), but fitting it in can be tricky when we’re living busy lives and have families to look after. Is it really that important? The answer ... Read More »

Important Tips to Take Good Care of Yourself

Be sure to give your skin, body and hair the affectionate loving care they need. Hydrate Moisturer is your skin’s great friend. During the day, fresh, gel-textured lotions and serums will restore a plumper, smoother texture and suppleness to the skin. You need a dewy look without a greasy feel. Exfoliate To keep skin looking fresh, regular exfoliation is key. Look out ... Read More »

Five unanticipated ways you are drying out your skin

See five reasons why the changing weather isn’t the only culprit affecting your dry semblance. No matter the season, it’s probable to suffer from a dry complexion — and you might be surprised to learn the root causes behind it. Here are five unanticipated ways you might be drying out your skin. 1. Hot Showers Ahh, hot showers. They’re cozy. ... Read More »

Top Ten Skin Care Secrets For Glowing Skin

In our top 10 secrets for glowing skin, achieving best skin goes beyond facials and treatments. It is significant to recognize that how our skin is cared for must work synergistically with how we maintain and treat our bodies from the inside out. #1 TIP FOR GLOWING SKIN – SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN Number one on our list of top tips ... Read More »

Learn How To Apply Mascara Easily In Just Seven Steps

Mascara not done correct can go terribly wrong. Which is why it is necessary to the method behind it. There is no denying how significant mascara is when it comes to having gorgeous lashes. Which is why it is imperative that you learn correctly how to apply mascara. These steps will shed light on how to use mascara the right ... Read More »

Top Three Secrets to Get Luscious Lips

This might come as a wonder, but it is perfectly probable to have beautiful, full, well-defined lips without undergoing surgery. The following secrets are worthy of more than just lip service… A little exercise. Simple and effective. Smooth and replump the lip area, which tends to thin and wither more quickly, by using the tips of your index finger and ... Read More »

All You Should Know About Eyelash Extensions

Creating wide-open eyes is the speedy way to look younger, and with eyelash extensions the outcome goes into overdrive. The worst thing about wearing mascara is spending fifteen minutes every night scouring lashes with remover, only to wake
up with the raccoon outcome… With single lash extensions, eyes are accentuated and framed with gorgeous, natural-looking lashes. The procedure is quick and ... Read More »